AliExpress Reviews and Opinions Is 2022 Safe

If you are here, it most likely means that you are looking for more information on the gigantic marketplace AliExpress understand if it is safe and reliable and what are the opinions about it.

Well, you are in the right place. In this article you will find out much more and you will probably never see online shopping with the same eyes again.

Let’s try to better understand everything there is to know about this platform starting from the beginning.

What is AliExpress and How Does It Work

AliExpress is a huge worldwide marketplace owned by Alibaba (the largest aggregator of manufacturing companies in the world).

While Alibaba is intended solely for retailers, AliExpress sells retail, which is to the end customer. Many of the retailers on AliExpress are directly linked to manufacturing companies on Alibaba. AliExpress is basically like all the other marketplaces on the web, you will find a series of categories with an infinite number of products and obviously a search bar where you can directly search for what you want.

Strengths of AliExpress?

The advantages of buying from this platform are mainly two:

  1. Extremely advantageous prices
  2. Incredible variety of products

Let’s start with the first point, the prices.

You won’t find lower prices all over the webif you are thinking about Wish, know that they also buy products from AliExpress.

You can really find any type of product at sometimes ridiculous prices, I am also talking about 0.01cent, practically given as a gift. It’s like buying in bulk.

Shopping on this platform can be extremely fun, and with a few euros bring different products to homes. Without considering the fact that new customers are often offered a Couponthrough which you can further reduce prices.

I know what you are thinking . Eh but they are all low quality Chinese products! And this is where you are wrong! Of course, there are so many products that surely you could run into some very poor ones, that’s why I always recommend doing thorough research and rate the reviews wellbut apart from that, the remaining products have nothing more or less than those you will find in other marketplaces at prices 5 or 10 times higher, indeed, often they are exactly the same.

Assuming that almost all products are made in China, even Apple ones to be clear, many of the products you will find on other online stores, one on all Amazon, are exactly the same as you find on AliExpress, identical. The only difference is that a retailer bought the goods in advance and “toasted“, Or rather to place your own brand on it, passing it off as“ unique ”, but in reality it is the exact same product.

This is not to mention the products sold outside of Amazon, where in 90% of cases they are dropshipping resellers, that is, they resell AliExpress products at triple prices if not more.

I know exactly what I am talking about as it is my profession. So basically, unless it’s a noto brandalways check if the same product is not already on AliExpress at a much lower price.

Regarding the variety and uniqueness of the products, well, there is little to say, think of any product, the most absurd, I am sure you will find it. In AliExpress there is really everything, even what you don’t imagine. In addition, via the smartphone application, you can photograph any product that you find around and the platform will automatically search for it within the marketplace.

Why is it so cheap?

You are probably wondering why products, even the most complex ones, are so cheap. The answer is very simple. Labor in China is extremely cheap, this is well known, moreover, in most cases it is the wholesalers who resell the products directly to the end customer, therefore at factory or limit prices with slight increases.

Shipping and delivery times

Shipments are often free or included in the price, otherwise they will affect only a few euros. What about delivery times instead? This is a bit of the sore point of this marketplace, as since most of the products will arrive directly from China, delivery times can be quite long.

The average is about 20 days, but it really depends on the seller and the product. In fact, the largest sellers often have warehouses in Europe too, this will allow you to receive the product in a much shorter time, like a week or even less. To understand the shipping country, take a look at the item: “Shipped from:” on the product page. In many cases you will be the one to choose the shipping country and the estimated times.

Many people give up shopping on AliExpress precisely because of the shipping time. In my view it is a really not very smart move since having a little more patience, you can get the same products for less than half the price.

Is it safe and reliable?

Absolutely! AliExpress is more reliable than most ecommerce stores out there. There are many guarantees for the consumer, plus the “satisfied or reimbursed” rule applies.

Each order will have a tracking code, so you can always track your package. However, if the product does not arrive or arrive damaged, you can request a refund and get all the money back. To do this, simply go to the “Orders” item in your account and open a dispute on the product to be refunded, explaining the reason.

The refund is guaranteed and in most cases you won’t even have to return the product.

Payment systems

Payment systems are a further guarantee, in fact you can easily pay with the classic credit / debit card circuits such as MasterCard and Visa or via PayPal. Personally, I have been buying on this platform for years without ever having encountered significant problems.

Reviews and Opinions

We end this article with some reviews and opinions about it. Unlike what you think, the reviews on AliExpress are very positive, despite the skepticisms, users are satisfied (sometimes even surprised) in most cases.

Reviews are also good on other portals. Many of those who complain do so mainly because of shipping times or minor inconveniences, but considering that this marketplace sells thousands of products worldwide every single day, I would say that we are well above the average for online stores.

The success that AliExpress has been having in recent years, especially in Italia it’s huge. Personally, I have always found myself well, for this reason I feel I can recommend it.


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